I Don't Even Know...

Hi! I am just a cool kid who loves Doctor Who, Sherlock, The Once-ler, 90's cartoons, Cartoon Network, My Chemical Romance, Band, Music of all sorts except for Country and rap/hip-hop, sugar, spice, everything nice, snips, snails, puppy-dog tails, the internet, reading actual books, and many many other things that I can't think of at the current moment.

All of this is really random. I'll try to post awesome stuff, but no promises. Cause everyone likes different things and sometimes I can't make all of you happy.....although I wish I could.

ALSO I like drawing....maybe I'll draw some things and put them here....maybe.....

P.S. the picture is of a Cheese Paradiddle-Flafla, which is a hybrid percussion rudiment. If you didn't know that already.

Feelings about Black Cats Survey

Please take the survey titled "Feelings about Black Cats". Your feedback is important!

Hey everybody! If you could please take this poll, it would be awesome. I am doing research for my paper about black cats and could really use your help! You guys are awesome!


Angry Birds.
visit my tumblr to see more :) 


Angry Birds.

visit my tumblr to see more :) 

How are you even doing that? I’m not really here. [x]

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that terrifying moment when everything is happily resolved but the book still has 200 pages left

that terrifying moment when there’s too many things that need resolving but the book has only 20 pages left




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